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Warriors: Tawnybabe by Chesshire-Code Warriors: Tawnybabe :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 12 0 Warriors: Tigerclone V1 by Chesshire-Code Warriors: Tigerclone V1 :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 9 0 Warriors: The Silver Sibs by Chesshire-Code Warriors: The Silver Sibs :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 10 0 Warriors: The Bird Bros by Chesshire-Code Warriors: The Bird Bros :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 10 0 Warriors: Ashfoot by Chesshire-Code Warriors: Ashfoot :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 7 0 Warriors: Deadstar by Chesshire-Code Warriors: Deadstar :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 9 0 Cringey Pony OC Challenge by Chesshire-Code Cringey Pony OC Challenge :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 25 20 Kindheart525 Custom by Chesshire-Code Kindheart525 Custom :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 12 8 Seraphverse: The Date by Chesshire-Code Seraphverse: The Date :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 13 2 Seraphverse: Jet by Chesshire-Code Seraphverse: Jet :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 12 2 Seraphverse Doodles: Sun Kids by Chesshire-Code Seraphverse Doodles: Sun Kids :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 7 2 Seraphverse: Razzle and Dazzle by Chesshire-Code Seraphverse: Razzle and Dazzle :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 26 15 FANART: Lopiddity- Brandybuck by Chesshire-Code FANART: Lopiddity- Brandybuck :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 11 0 Seraphverse: A Date? by Chesshire-Code Seraphverse: A Date? :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 24 6 Seraphverse: The Escape by Chesshire-Code Seraphverse: The Escape :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 7 9 Customs: HazeyMoonlight Pt. 2 by Chesshire-Code Customs: HazeyMoonlight Pt. 2 :iconchesshire-code:Chesshire-Code 8 2


Warriors: Tawnybabe
Tawnypelt: AKA The rightful leader of Shadowclan.
If my memory’s right the books tend to confuse Tawny’s eye color, sometimes they’re green, sometimes they’re amber, and so I went with both!! I know it’s probably not genetically possible but what the hell. If you’re wondering why she seems bigger than Bramble it’s because of the posing. This design was also inspired by ClimbToTheStars. There’s no way in hell she’s a dilute tortoiseshell, take it from genetics and someone who owns one. The Erins are WRONG, fight me.

Tawnypelt, she says she left Thunderclan because she couldn’t take the distrust from being Tigerstar’s daughter, but that isn’t the whole truth. Thunderclan was stifling for Tawnypelt, and she felt that her mother was holding her back. It hurt leaving her family, and her mentor Brackenfur (who’d been one of the few cats to accept her), but she felt that anything -even her father- was better than being supressed in Thunderclan.
In Shadowclan she was respected, and grew into her herself as a strong and clever she-cat. Even after her father’s demise she refused to leave Shadowclan. It was her home.

For more on the Deadstar AU look here:…
Warriors: Tigerclone V1
Brambleclaw: Bramblebutt the beautiful, I hope I made him fluffy enough. >__>

Appearance wise, he looks a LOT like his dad, but there are some differences. Brambleclaw has rounder eyes, a softer face, and slightly paler fur with a russet undertone. He did inherit his father’s eye color, large build, and massive paws. (Which I headcanon all of Tigerstar’s spawn inherited, even the Hawkfrost the beanpole)

Brambleclaw, as we all know, has spent his life trying to shake of his father’s horrible legacy. He’s tried to temper his own ambitions and stick to the straight and narrow, the journey certainly helped with this, but after becoming closer to his brother -and training with his father in the Dark Forest for a time- Brambleclaw could feel himself slipping. The question that remained was whether or not he could be as ruthless as his family.

(We all know the answer, but I’m gonna show off more later because things aren’t exactly the same)

For more on the Deadstar AU look here:…
Warriors: The Silver Sibs
Feathertail: I actually liked Feathertail, though I doubt people saw her the same way I did.
Feathertail did get the pretty dark swirly markings and slender build of her mother, Silverstream, as well as her blue eyes. Some differences however is that Feathertail has a rounder muzzle and her markings are a bit paler than her mother’s, more silver than black, she’s also a bit fluffier.

Personality wise she takes after both her parents in the sense that loyalty to her heart out classes loyalty to her clan. She’s got a keen sense of humor, but she always felt she didn’t really belong in Riverclan or Thunderclan, the only real reason she stayed was for Stormfur. When Crowpaw opened up about how he felt pressured to live up to his family legacy and how it confused him, she opened up about her own feelings of confusion and not belonging.


Stormfur: I love this boi. I love him a lot.

Stormfur looked almost like a carbon copy of his father at birth, but as he grew older his pelt paled a bit, giving him a closer color palette to his sister’s, but he still has a strong resemblance to Graystripe.

Stormfur was determined to be a cat his deceased mentor Stonefur could be proud of. However despite this loyalty he too had feelings of not truly belonging, mostly because of the occasional glares and questioning of his loyalty by other cats. He tries to push this feeling away as much as possible, so that he can show exactly how loyal he is, but it really only serves to make him angrier. When he left on the journey with his sister, he felt a kinship with these cats he never had before, though he did harbor stronger feelings towards Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw.

In other words, the Silver Sibs are just like their parents. They fall in love hard and fast.

For more on the Deadstar AU look here:…
Warriors: The Bird Bros
Ah yes, The Bird Bros, Eaglecry and Crowpaw.

Eaglecry is Crowpaw/Crowfeather’s older brother and was originally mentioned in the first series as Eaglekit and Ashfoot’s son before never appearing again. I have remedied this.
Eaglecry is the oldest son of Ashfoot and Deadstar and was the only kit born in his litter. He was very young when Windclan was driven out by Brokenstar and doesn’t remember much aside from what he’s been told.
He trained alongside Whitetail and Gorsepaw, the three of them were thick as thieves, but Gorsepaw’s death at the hands of Tigerstar affected him greatly. He fought harder than he ever had in the battle against Scourge and Bloodclan to honor his best friend. He also may have had a crush on Gorsepaw and Whitepaw
He’s currently mates with Whitetail and is the father of Owlpaw/Owlwhisker and Weaselpaw/Weaselfur. (by the end of Dawn anyways, no father was ever given for the two so I decided he was, however they ended up looking more like their great uncle Onewhisker)
They later have another litter of kits, Gorsekit and Thrushkit. Gorsekit is named after his deceased best friend.

Eaglecry inherited Deadstar’s more toned frame and green eyes, but shares a strong resemblance to his mother Ashfoot.
He’s a very confident and good humored tom, and he sometimes takes it upon himself to lighten the mood of for the cats around him. He loves to tease his younger brother Crowpaw/Crowfeather to try and bring him out of his “grump-slump” as he calls it. He also enjoys hunting with his brother because he knows his brother feels better with the wind running through his fur. He’s also very self sacrificing and will often jump in front of the blows of other cats in battle to protect them, which explains how he gets so many scars.


Ah Crowfeather, I’ve got a lot of conflicting feelings for canon Crowfeather, he had a lot of interesting potential as an apprentice that all seemed to disappear after Feathertail’s death. TIME TO FIX IT!!

CrowPAW is a very lean tom, with a slightly darker diamond spot on his chest, and blue eyes. All of which he inherited from his mother Ashfoot. He inherited his dark coat from his father Deadstar.

Crowpaw desperately wants to live up to his family name, but feels like he won’t really measure up; his father’s clan leader, his mom’s the deputy, his uncle is pretty much clan diplomat, and his older brother is a respected warrior. He’s a tiny bit self centered as he tries to focus on living up His family legacy.
Crowpaw has also had it almost drilled into him by his mentor, Mudclaw, that working with the other clans isn’t worth Windclan’s time and will only lead to trouble. His father and brother are trying to help him see the larger picture, and how even though they must stay separate from the other clans, it is also important to understand that all the clans deserve respect and that cooperation is important in times of danger. All in all, by the beginning of Midnight Crowpaw is pretty much an angsty teenager trying to figure out what to believe and who he’s supposed to be.

He begins to change his views over the course of the journey however and opens up to Feathertail after a while, but I’m getting a wee bit ahead of myself. ;)

For more information on the Deadstar AU look…
Ok I am a MASSIVE warrior cats nerd and I was so dissapointed whe one of my favorite characters, the Windclan Deputy Deadfoot, died. So I made an Alternate Universe where instead of dying in The Darkest Hour Deadfoot actually ended up succeeding Tallstar.
Tallstar died earlier in this AU, shortly after The Darkest Hour, Jake was still his guide to Starclan, and Tallstar was the one to suggest Crowpaw to go on the journey to the sun-drown-place. His decision was mostly unchallenged by the other Starclan cats. Later parts of this AU are based around a similar concept to Acorn-Trees’ Hawkfrost AU, but with my own additions. This also includes my personal headcanons for character appearances. I’ll also be painting and drawing pictures for this AU so expect some!!

-  I always saw Deadfoot as a black abssynian or maybe a black somali. He also has a slightly bigger body type than most Windclan cats, but is still very lithe compared to cats from other clans. As Deadstar he has a small, pale, four pointed star on his forehead.

- His mate, Ashfoot, is a gray spotted tabby Oriental with white paws and dark blue eyes. She also has a small white spot on her chest. She’s very wiry and quick, with a long muzzle.

- Deadstar tries to teach his son about cooperation before he sets out on the journey in Midnight with the other prophecy cats. There’s also gonna be some more exploration of their relationship once I get their designs down.

- There will not be a Windclan civil war upon reaching the lake, as Deadstar has already chosen Ashfoot as his deputy because he knows Windclan are more self reliant than when Tallstar was leader, as well as the fact that his mate has no real desire for power and sees her position as a responsibility rather than a luxury. Onewhisker is still just a warrior, but is often sent on any diplomatic missions Windclan needs. Mudclaw is still the mentor to Crowpaw/Crowfeather and is part of the reason he’s uncooperative with cats from other clans at the start of this AU.

- Ashfoot and Deadstar are pretty much the Windclan power couple and are still happy mates. Their oldest kit Eaglecry, a kit mentioned in Fire and Ice as Ashfoot’s but never again afterwards, is Crowpaw/Crowfeather’s older brother. Because he has a larger, happier family Crowpaw/Crowfeather is much more well adjusted than canon Crowfeather. They also have one more litter of kits, Spiderkit, Dewkit, and Cloudkit.

- Coming to Hawkfrost and his evilness, his plan to kill Firestar does happen, but it does not succeed and the wound in his throat leaves him almost completely mute instead of killing him. While most cats in Riverclan, Windclan, and Thunderclan want him dead or banished, Brambleclaw and Mothwing step in for him, however Leopardstar refuses to let him come back to Riverclan so Brambleclaw brings him to Thunderclan. At first he’s treated much like how Brokenstar was and is rather bitter and angry. Over time though the clan begins to accept him and figure out a silent way of communicating with Hawkfrost, (like a feline morse code) this way of communication is implemented in both hunting and battle strategizing. When The Three are born Hawkfrost becomes “Best Uncle” and spoils all three of them; He trains with Lionblaze, talks to Hollyleaf about her ambitions, and he’s arguably closest to Jayfeather for reasons I’ll show later. When the time comes for Ivykit and Dovekit to become apprentices instead of Cinderheart becoming Ivypaw’s mentor, it’s Hawkfrost.

I’ll likely add more later, but I don’t really want to spoil all my plans for this AU!! ;)
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Hello, I'm Chess!! I'm 18 years old and aspiring to be an artist or writer, perhaps both, I usually do traditional art but I'm tryin to get what I need to begin doing digital art. I'm a huge anime, Vocaloid, and multi-genre music freak. I love dark stories and humor, I especially adore Stephen King.


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